Anyone using ActiveCampaign?

Hi everyone,

Newbie here! While I was deciding which email marketing service to go for and was doing some research on mailchimp, this post came up and overall ActiveCampaign’s automation seems much more powerful that comes with a higher price of course.

Although I have not been able to find much info about it on the forum, is anyone using ActiveCampaign and could guide me through on how to connect or integrate both since there is no AC plugin available?

Thank you for your time in advance!


I’ve also been looking for a solution to this with no luck. There is a zapier integration, so that might be the best bet.

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Hi @eman :grinning:

Yes might be Zapier or Integromat. I am still a newbie but from what I read that you could quickly be escalating with the amount of zaps and might need to upgrade very soon, so not only AC, you would be having to pay for Zapier monthly as well. In my case I am still going through the learning curve and just started building my first project so I am trying to not spend extra on other services for now.

After careful considerations among AC, MailChimp, even Sendgrid (a lot of issues were mentioned on other threads), I found Sendinblue and decided to go with it.

The unpaid plan is very generous to get started, no contacts limits (the best among others) and I think 300 emails of daily limit which is not an issue, you can always schedule and send emails on different days.

There is already Sendinblue plugin SMTP & contact (created and recently updated by @talkingoldfish) available so you can skip Zapier for now, pretty awesome right? Plus the customer support has been great, my tickets have been answered with efficiency and always got the issue solved.
Highly recommended! Let me know if you have any questions.

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I use Postmark.

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Hey I’m considering switching to AC fom mailchimp but I’d hove to integrate manually… maybe we should join forces

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Hi @philippe1

I ended up using SendInBlue instead, very generous free plan with no contacts limits, try it out! Got any questions shoot me a message. Good luck!

I hate SIB :smiley:

It is all good! Please let me know if you were able to move to ActiveCampaign, thanks.

Trying it right now!
It took me 20 min to get the basic API running (creating a contact).
Now I’m pulling my hair over the event API, but it may be an undercommunicated limitation of the Lite plan…

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Glad to hear it! Might need your advice down the road. Although I hope I can stay with SIB as long as possible. :slight_smile:

By far ActiveCampaign is the best email marketing tool I’ve used for the things mentioned around Automations.
I want to build a clone of PlusThis that combines both ActiveCampaign and Twilio.
Hopefully AC comes along soon to Bubble


Hi @jimmy1 and @philippe1 , have you been able to explore further AC’s integration with Bubble ?
Looking to integrate it as well. Thanks !

Yes I got the event API working it was an account level issues if I remember correctly.

I did not migrate to AC yet but I know I can both trigger events and create contact quite easily with the API connector plugin.

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