Anyone want to create a javascript wrapper for a cryptocurrency wallet?

I have quotes for about 160 dollars to create the following program…

You do not need to know anything about cryptocurrency to do this project. I do not know any internet related programming languages. I am building websites with Bubble (…

As such, I am building something for a cryptocurrency project, It’s basically a lottery using the funds that will be stored in the wallet.

Please understand, that all code written for this project will be audited separately to ensure there is no funny business. so please don’t bother with any funny business.

So, I need to have an API built for the command line interface (CLI) linux based wallet written in javascript that will run along side the wallet.The program you are writing will send commands to the CLI wallet and use return values to an external site when they are required via a GET command. The DiviMator API will have multiple functions:

  1. accept text strings that will be sent to it via POST commands. These will be crypto addresses, and they just need to be kept in a list. The list may become 1000’s of entries long. Each string will look like: DEde2anept9yJC4nbUr4dPvEzNhmiZQudz, it will always start with a D.

  2. Check the Divi blockchain (via diviscan or explorer API), and run a raffle every LOTTERY_INTERVAL blocks (starting on block FIRST_LOTTERY). The raffle will send NUM_OF_WINNERS winners a PRIZE amount of Divi. the winners are simply randomly chosen addresses from the list of addresses. The constants LOTTERY_INTERVAL, FIRST_LOTTERY, NUM_OF_WINNERS, and PRIZE should be defined in a config file. For example, the lottery may be run every 20,000 blocks starting on block number 10000. and it could send out 5000 Divi to 10 winners out of the address list created in step 1. Before winnings are sent out, the balance of the wallet much be checked with a “getbalance” command. The balance of the wallet must be higher than the combined winnings that will be sent out plus 5000 DIVI to cover fees.

  3. when queried by a GET command, Divimator should return the following information:

a)The result of the “getBalance” command
b) The number of addresses in the list
c) the number of blocks until the next Divimator lottery

4)after the Divimator raffle is executed, the address list should be deleted and a new one started.

Extra Credit: every 10080 blocks A blockchain lottery is performed. The winners of that lottery should be excluded from the DiviMater lottery. The winners can be found through the diviscan API on block lottery number* 10080)

Example: the fifth lottery happened on block 50400. The transactions can be found here:

The transaction with 10 items is the lottery and the winners can be found here:

Every address sent a multiple of 25200 was a winner. Those winners should be excluded from the winners of DiviMator.

The Divi Project has already created the javascript the runs with their wallet. It can be viewed here:

Along with the constants to run the lottery the config file will need the password to unlock the wallet. For this document I’ll call it PassWord. it will also need a constant, UNLOCKTIME, which will be how long the wallet is unlocked in order to send out funds.

The CLI commands required for this project will be:

walletpassphrase PassWord UNLOCKTIME
sendtoaddress “WinningAddress” PRIZE

I do not think this is a complicated project for someone who is knowledgeable in javascript and the creation of APIs.

The project is over when I can perform an entire lottery sequence using Postman and setting up the config file. So knowledge of how the DiviMator API will be used is not required.

if you can do this for about 160 dollars, tell me about yourself here.

OK, I awarded this. So, never mind. Sorry I dont see how to delete this post