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Apartment won't save in address type


I’ve presently solved the situation by having a different field for apartment, besides the street address. Is that the right way or is there a possibility of including the apartment in the address field? If then how - right now it won’t save it correctly…


Can you reproduce this in the forum_app?

Before I get to that - what would be the proper syntax of writing an address with apartment number?
(TBH, I tried that a couple of weeks ago, didn’t work then - decided to ask now before starting to commit dev time to it.)

Google doesn’t handle that very well, so I’d have the apt number in a different field, and then the address in a field of type address.

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Yup, that’s what I did. Well, then I won’t start fiddling with it, not a big deal enough :slightly_smiling:
Thanks for the confirmation!