API Access Question

Hello! Question about the Yelp API. Yelp only provides two data points: (1) a client ID, and (2) an API key.

The Yelp plugin asks for three data fields:

(1) Authorization (shared headers)
(2) Get Access Token - client_id (param.)
(3) Get Access Token - client_secret (param.)

Does the plugin require any additional steps to receive a third data point?
Does the client_secret field = API key?
What is the Authorization (shared headers) field?


Hi @testingplace123,

Your question led me to update the plugin. It was a bit outdated, and I’ve consolidated the authentication method so that all you need to enter into the plugin settings is “Bearer API Key”

So now just select the latest version of the plugin to see the change in settings. For some reasons, the API key instructions aren’t updating on the plugin page, but here they are for your reference:

Create an app on Yelp’s developer site here: https://www.yelp.com/developers/v3/manage_app

In the create new app form, enter information about your app, then click the Submit button.

You will now have an API Key.

In the plugin settings, enter “Bearer [Your-API-Key]” For example, if your key was “12345” then you would enter “Bearer 12345”

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