API Connector Documentation Outdated

API Connector plugin’s documentation seems outdated to me.

Here’s what I see on documentation:

And here’s what I see in the plugin screen:

What is told in documentation is not there in the plugin. Documentation talks about “Client safe”. There is nothing like that here.

Plugin section has “Private”, “Queryst” etc. options. Documentation doesn’t have any reference of these.

Documentation doesn’t talk about shared parameters, then calls within calls as it seems to be the case here.

Also, it is not clear how does one pass dynamic parameters.

Many unknowns here.

Maybe I am missing something obvious and being stupid.

Please guide.

for dynamic values <>

sample: {“account_id”:"<account_id>"}

Thanks for the reply @ualdir

Do you mean to say that I should add this JSON code in the “Body” section? (As I show in the screenshot below?)

How will I specify the values of these dynamic variables when I make the call? Will it take from custom state of the page? Or will i get an option of “Insert dynamic values” in the editor when I make the call?

I tried what you said, but when I clicked on “Initialize call”, (which I reckon is mandatory, otherwise option of making api call doesn’t show up), I got some error from API about something being present in the parameter. Since I haven’t yet specified the parameter value, where is it taking the parameter value from?

This is what I have done:

This is the error I am getting:
Screenshot 2020-05-11 at 5.26.11 AM

Also, does it depend on whether I am making a POST or GET call? Here I am making a POST call, where I also see something like “Use [] for params”. But it is not clear as to use where and how.

GET is used to request data
POST is used to send data

You have to follow the Api documentation from the service that you are try to use.
some advices:
At Body Json between the parameters have a comma “,”;
Remove this flag private;
Add values for the parameters;

You will use this params[] only if you have some specific information to pass at the call URL.

Thanks. I did this as shown below, but still getting same error.

Screenshot 2020-05-11 at 6.15.29 AM

I do understand the difference between GET and POST. I was asking that the way parameters are to be specified, does it depend on whether it is GET or POST.

What does flag “private” mean?

Public or Private will depend of the declaration of variable created in the source code. Because of that you have to follow the Api documentation of the supplier.

Maybe this will help you to understand the errors code:

If you need some professional help, I’ll sending my contact on PM.

But it is really bizarre. I am already paying to Bubble. And what I am looking for is something that should be obvious from the documentation and documentation is just outdated.

Bubble team should be helping here rather. What I need is just a clear documentation with examples and I’d do it. Their documentation and examples are outdated.

But sure, please send your contact.

it doesn’t work


This works for me. Please note that spacing needs to be exact.

I don’t know if you have solved this already, but you should have put the dynamic parameters in quotation marks (e.g. "<amount>" instead of <amount>).