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Send non-statics parameteres via API Connector

Hello! What if have to send in a GET request some parameters values that are set up by the user? I mean, parameteres are not pre-defined and must take value from the app? So far I can only hard-write static value in the API Connector setup. See the example:

I believe that works as the user input, too. So you can remove your value after you initialized your call.

It’s a bit confusing since there are two types of parameter input, I think both work though.This is how I set up my Stripe GET call.

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Thank you! So I guess you take Customer ID somewhere in the app? Is it a name of some input field or what?

Yeah It’s a field when you set up the API Data call.



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Thanks. I’ll quite new to Bubble, so can’t get the screenshots right now. To test yor solution, I’m going to put a text element, grab data from it somehow ant put it into API Connector. Can I address you in this thread if I’m not able to get your guide correctly?

Sure you can get dynamic text from an API no problem.

Depending on how good you know Bubble might be worth checking out some bubble tutorials. Like Bubble’s own interactive ones.

Or maybe you want to check out @copilot free and paid courses:

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Ok, thank you for the materials

So I handled it.

  1. Set Use as Action. Now you can use the Call as a part of workflows
  2. Uncheck Private, so it can be changed dynamically
  3. When starts the workflow, let’s say, click the Submit button, choose at the first step Plugin --> _name of your API Call_, and fill in the parameters with the data from the app
  4. Next step renew the container for your API data like this: Elements Actions --> (Repeation Group) Display list and choose the repeating group.
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You can also set dynamic parameters if used as Data call, just uncheck Private and you’ll get the options to send dynamic data:

Just for initialization of the call, you’ll need some example static data.