Implement dynamic data in API parameter

Hello guys, i’m trying to get a map with lat,lng in my app, when i do the API call i need to fill the lat,lng of the marker, but i would like to make them (lat,lng) variables, do you know how can i do that ?

In API connector can make URL parameters dynamic using the [] in the body parameters can make dynamic by unchecking the private box, in the JSON body parameters make them dynamic by using <>

In the API connector itself this information is on the screen in the relevant areas.

I set up the API connection with the parameter using [], but how do I provide the parameter in the editor? It doesn’t let me provide any parameter after selecting the API in the editor.

(And yes, I initialized it and it was working in API Connector Plugin.)

Thanks in advance.

Edit: Solved by unchecking the “Private” checkbox when setting the api call. I learnt this thanks to Youtuber Jacob Gershkovich, and it was not well documented in Bubble.

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