API Connector not showing data but is initialized


I have setup a new API which is successfully initialized.
I use it with the bubble table element.

Sometimes the table shows data, sometimes not - very annoying. Not really reproducable.

I proved the bug by writing the exact same data into the current user object on page load which works while the table shows still empty.

FYI… if you are on the latest version of Bubble, there seems to be an issue with data showing in the table element, and you should revert back to the previous version.

Ah ok, thx! But how? There is no option under “subtab=BubbleVersion” visible

I am on Version 29 and there is now way to revert this as it seems

You should be able to revert on the Settings >> Versions tab. If you can’t, you will need to contact Bubble support to see if they can help you.

Thanks @mikeloc. Presumably they will fix this and annotate it in release notes?