API connector. POST then GET


How to use the output of POST into the GET?

These are my API set-up. Test is working very well.

This is my workflow steps and debugger run. My final output is empty.





5) PROBLEM. I think I did nothing wrong but WHY THE OUTPUT IS EMPTY?

I need help.

It’s returning data, as you can see in the last picture. It’s just not returning the data you expect.
It looks like it’s saying that the previous request has a status of IN_PROGRESS.
Probably you need to wait more time before making the request.
I guess when testing the api connector you waited more time and the response shows a status COMPLETED
Check in the documentation of the service you are using if you are supposed to call the api multiple times at intervals untill you get the status completed or if there is a mechanism to notify you.


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I solved the issue by myself.