API Connector: undefined error: this body could not be parsed as JSON

Hi, I’m trying to setup a Taiwanese payment gateway - Stripe is not available here. I’ve posted the JSON body below. There does not seem to be anything wrong with the body itself, but I keep getting this error (see image). Does anyone know if this is an issue on Bubble’s end (not even sending out) or could it be on the payment gateway end (sent out but getting an error back)? If it’s an internal Bubble issue, does anyone know a fix for this?

I think something is wrong with your json structure


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I’ve revised my format according to your suggestion. However, I get the same error message.
Based on the part of employees section on your example, I changed the comma position to behind the curly braces.

Still not right. If swapping this does not work, you should strip away the call to bare minimum which initializes properly and they build upon that