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Error with API connector for stripe

Trying to use the API connector to extended the use of stripe and I’m getting this error. Not sure what do. Anyone can give me a bit of direction?

without a link or the original POST api call, hard to help

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Just shared it with you

we can’t access your app.
a screenshot ?

Better like this :slight_smile:
Can you try changing your authentification method, like here ?

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Thanks ill give that a try

So gave that a try and even added an additional header with the following content: Content-type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded. Any direction would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance

Here is what the error looks like:

have you try changing your “Authentification” method ? (See the yellow highlighting on my last screenshot)

Getting the same error

Yeah I’m stuck. I really wish stripe had more functionality in Bubble without using this connector cause it is really setting me back

Stripe works perfectly fine. Issue is on your side, neither on Bubble side :slight_smile:
Can you try again removing Authentication and Content-Type from your API call header ?

I’ve already tried that and it gives me the same error regardless. I even reached out to the @NateDogg and he instructed me to add Authentication and Content-Type in the API call header

Hey @shadsanders89,

Try clicking the “Querystring” box next to your email parameter.

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@natedogg is right, it should be this the error

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Thanks to you both. I really appreciate the patience and help. That fixed it

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