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API Connector with Google Sheets Structure

Need some help here.

I have made this Database structure:

As you can see I made different data types that are related to each other (shown with colors)

I am trying to make the next step and manage the database directly from Google Sheets.

The google sheet file has different Sheets that are connected to each other with “Data Validation” as same as the Database structure.

I was able to connect the google sheets with Sheety, but I am not able to set the Field Type as a list from other Call…

Is there any way to do this?

Hey Antonio1, Google Sheets has no list-equivalent to my knowledge. Is it an option to use a field Zone in data type City and point that to the Zone data type?

Btw, are you sure your data model is correct? From your data model I understand that:

  • multiple Cities can be assigned to 1 Zone
  • multiple Zones can be assigned to a Building.

So, if 2 Zones both have 3 different Cities assigned to them and Building A has these 2 zones assigned, the result is that the Building A has (through the 2 zones) 6 cities assigned to it. Is this correct?

Thank you for your response @gerbertdelangen
I think the word “list of …” is wrong in the image i have attached.
In the DB model is the oposite way: when you create a Zone you select to what city it belongs and so on.

What other alternative can i do? it is really inefficient to add all the data manually.

No problem. Ah, clear!

It should be perfectly possible to use a combination of Google Sheeets, Sheety and Bubble. Depending on your requirements often there at least a couple of options. For instance, instead of a “list of City” use a text field (named City) and store the unique ID of a City-record in it.


  1. this is easy to use in API’s, simple text (no deep structures you need to process etc).
  2. it works with the Google Lookup function
  3. in Bubble you can resolve the city name by using something like “do a search for city:first item’s name, constraint Unique id = City”