Repeating Group - Multiple API's to 1 current cell


I’m pretty new in using Bubble. I’m trying to figure something out but not sure if this is possible with Bubble.
When setting up a repeating group, I do an API call (call 1) to an external DB with a list of articles with some specifics of the articles.

With the current cell I can recall (in call 1) all specfics of a particular article by adding multiple text boxes and referring to the current cell.

But not all specifics of this article are located in this API call (call 1). Some characteristics of this specific article are located in another DB for which a second API call needs to be put in place (call 2)

In the background there is a primary key in both DB’s but it seems like i can’t connect these 2 API’s. Is there a way to solve this?

Call 1: Article A , Weight of A, Height of A, Articlestatus_id

Call 2: Articlestatus_id, Description_value


→ Can you put in 1 line of the repeating group the following: Article A, Weight A, Height A, Description_Value?

Sorry, if this is not explained very clear, but ask away for additional information.