API Detect When Certain Date Has Passed

I seem to be stuck on figuring out how to make an API call to check if a task has passed it’s Due Date without the user being logged in, and making the necessary change in the database, altering the task’s Overdue to “yes” as a yes/no data type.

The API call would then notify the user (by text/email) that the task has become “Overdue.” I’m not exactly sure what plan I need or how to go about doing this.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Schedule the call for the check overdue date. Current date plus 30 days, for example.

Change to overdue and send email of not paid. If not paid goes into conditional. You must be on a paid bubble plan for this to work.

Hope it helps, if not, more detail please.

I’m using “paid”, but you get it…

Thanks @duke.severn I’ve seen your other posts and you’ve been a big help. Glad I get the opportunity to thank you personally.

To your point, I am on a paid plan. One of my biggest concerns is when a task becomes Overdue (in this case the Due Date database entry has gone past the Current Date/Time), that task would need to be modified in the database as quickly as possible. That way a User is notified promptly when a task becomes “Overdue.” Would I set up a recurring event for this kind of thing? I don’t believe a Trigger event is appropriate because I can’t step outside the bounds of the database.

Or would I create some sort of custom event in the API Workflows?

Thanks for your help.

Nevermind. I figured it out. I created a Scheduled API event in the Workflow tab when a new task is created, setting the time to run an API Workflow when Due Date is < Current Date/Time

You’re awesome. Thanks!

Forgive my lapse in vocabulary :frowning: I was on mobile and couldn’t screenshot. Glad I could help in some ulterior problem though :heart: