Automatically detect upcoming deadline?

Hi everyone,

Thanks again for this great forum.
For the past 2 days, and despite looots of tries, I can’t manage to build what i want.

I have a data type called « Tasks ».
Each of them has a field called « Deadline », which is, as you can guess, a date.

I have another data type called « Notifications ».

I’d like to create a backend workflow that automatically detects « Tasks » whose deadline is in 7 days.

Thanks to some other bubblers’ advices, I’ve come to the understanding that a good way to do this would be to have an API backend WF whose parameter is Tasks, and whose first action would be to create a notification if the Task’s deadline is in 7 days.

But i struggle on 2 things :

-1. How can I trigger and repeat this WF everyday, once a day ? I’ve tried with recurring events but I can’t simply find a way to trigger the recurring event without using a front end action

-2. How can I make sure the WF will work for multiple tasks ? By clicking « list » on the API WF parameters? But then, how can I setup the rest of actions?

Hope i was clear… if you have any idea I’ll be more than happy!! :slight_smile: