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Changing data dynamically in the database

I’m creating an application that informs when the invoice is overdue, but I need the “overdue invoice” information to be dynamically changed in the database when it exceeds the current date, I’ve tried several ways but the data is not changed in real time. Can someone help me?

You’ll need to schedule a backend workflow to run on the due date of the invoice, which can change the relevant information.

Thank you, in this case do I need to migrate to the paid bubble plan?

Yes, indeed, you can’t run backend workflows on a free plan…

Is the “Personal” plan enough in this case?

Yes, all paid plans give access to backend worklfows.

@adamhholmes thanks for the help, but I’m still at a loss as to how I’m going to make the bubble automatically update the data, I tried using a trigger and the change is made when I register a new invoice, but when the date is greater than the current date, the change doesn’t automatically occur in the database, is there something I’m missing?

Are there any videos or tutorials that show how to do this?

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@felipe.kluk You don’t want to use a trigger… just a regular backend workflow…

All you need to do is schedule it to run on the due date, and have an action to make the relevant changes if it hasn’t been paid…

@mikeloc’s example on your other thread shows you perfectly how to do it…

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