Text field to Geolocation with Airtable plugin

Hello all,

I’m working in an MVP with some smart people in the field of architecture and historical heritage.
We’re working hard on research and using Airtable as the place to store our data and, at the moment, it’s where we want to work with our data.

Some of our pieces of information are geolocated, at least located with cities or regions.

Is it possible to transform a text field imported from Airtable Plugin API in a geographic address field? Or something that a map can read and geolocate?

I’m trying to figure out how to do this. Maybe another map plugin could do instead of the native Map element. Or some workflow to change the data type.

Soon in the future, we’ll use Bubble’s database to optimize the flows. I know it’s much better and faster to store data inside Bubble. I’ve already tested this and work seamlessly.
But for now, in the early stages, I need to use Airtable.

I’m looking forward to hearing from a good soul that could bring light to this obstacle. I’ll appreciate a lot any type of suggestion.

Best health for all,

Kin Guerra

Yeah, you can’t directly from the API. Which is annoying but understandable. The database does all the hard work on the geocoding.

What you can do is load up your Airtable locations into the Bubble database, assuming your listings are fairly static.

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Thanks for your reply, @NigelG!

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