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Api linkedin share posts

Hello guys
i need instructions on how to connect api linkedin. i need to share posts in linkedin. I already broke my head ( Please help/
I’m here now

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Hi @gulak6

I have watched this Youtube video to set up Facebook API through the API Connector and it was helpful. You can skip to 19 min where she goes over Linkedin API.

Let me know if that helps :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the video. But it doesn’t work. In the first step, it gives an error.
“API Connector error: the Oauth2 API Linkedin connect is not configured properly - Received error from api”

Interesting! One small question : do we need the Facebook dev app to be approved to be able to use the Facebook api integration in a live bubble app?

And if it does, do we have to wait for this app validation before going further with testing, before (bubble) app launch?

Many thanks

You can run in Developer mode for as long as you like (which limits when you can do to a fixed user) but you will need approval to go “live”.

OK, clear. Many thanks @NigelG for this confirmation!

I did it.
If anyone is interested, write to me.
I will write you instructions.

@NigelG I set up the Facebook login and Marketing API and I’m in the process of applying for the “Ads Management Standard Access” permission for my App to go live. It says on Facebook “To request Ads Management Standard Access your app must successfully make at least 1500 Marketing API calls with an error rate of less than or equal to 10% over a 30-day period.”

I have no idea how to make these 1500 Marketing API calls with an error rate of 10% or less. On the Marketing API dashboard, it says that I have made 19 API Calls with an error rate of 20%. But I have no idea what these 19 API calls are and how to make 1500 with less error rate. Could you please help? I have been really stuck at this part

Hi Gulak,

I am interested in how you did fix this.

I have a similar message for an other API call.

I like to hear from you.

With kind regards,



r_liteprofile r_emailaddress w_member_social




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TypeScript - CoderPad

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  1. ######-### it’s yours body id.


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Hi Gulak6,
Im also facing the same issue. Please share your experience with me.

Hey how did you fix the “API Connector error: the Oauth2 API Linkedin is not configured properly - Received error from api” error?