API Returns a list, grab elements from list individually

So I’m grabbing data from google sheets using the Bubble API connector. The API is returning an element which contains a list of strings separated by comma’s like you would see in python i.e. [ ‘a’, ‘b’, ‘c’]

Is there a way to grab these elements individually?


Use ther regular expression for get the list of string via Workflow.


Adding some detail to this as I’ve solved the top bit to some degree.

Follow on:

In this google sheet I have multiple rows. Each row is specific to each user’s entries on my site. When they visit a specific page, I want to only show the row of data that is specific to that user. I’ve tried playing around with some conditions and things like that to say, “when current user’s id == API call’s user” then “display that row” but haven’t had any luck.

Any thoughts on what direction to take?