API still triggers in Test, even when I set "Only When" to this

I modifed the actions inside of a Backend Workflow to “Live” only during an API call, but it still fired in test.

Anyone seen this before?

Video here if you like:

Use the expression Isn't live version is "no"

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Thanks @tylerboodman. I saw that as well and I don’t think it worked for me earlier this week somehow.

I found another way of environment checking using “App Version” instead of what you suggested and got it working.

Basically when using it, you need to type in the word “test” or “live” (whichever you are testing for). You can verify what your environment is called by inserting a small text object into your app to see what “App version” shows. See detailed explainer below plus video:

Leaving my approach here for anyone interested:

Do above in your app and then you will see this in Dev vs Production:



Then to do an action (or not) based on App Version, you can test for App Version like below:

Don’t use “Arbritrary Text” as I believe that didn’t work for me somehow.

Video below:

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