Only run workflow in live version?

I have a workflow that I’ve tested in development, but now I only want it to run in the live version. In the workflow there is an “only when” option for “Isn’t live version.” That’s the opposite of what I want.

Then there is an option for “App Version is…” and when I put “Live” there, it doesn’t run in Live.

How do I get a workflow to only run in the live version?

Screen Shot 2021-04-14 at 7.42.52 AM

Hey @raquelmsmith,

This is just a guess, but maybe it might be case-sensitive, so try “live?”

Try selecting Isn’t live version, click More, and select is “no” (which, as many others have pointed out, isn’t intuitive at all, but it is what it is).

Hope this helps.



That does it. Not intuitive at all, but it works. Thank you!