API to send email not working

I have set up an API that is running successfully for the most part, but for some reason I am unable to execute the last step which is to send an email to the users. I have checked ignore privacy setting boxes and they all seem to have been selected so am really stuck. The workflow is as follows;

  1. When a button is pressed an API “Start Game” is triggered

  2. The start game API schedules “reset weekly” - ALL ignore privacy settings boxes are checked

  3. Reset weekly API then kicks off. As it stands today it completes Step 1 (Create a log) & Step 2 (Make changes to user) but does not send the email in Step 3

Also for reference I attach the “Resetweekly” configuration

Any help would be really appreciated as am stuck on this one

As an update it is definitely privacy-related. I just checked “email” in permissions/privacy tab and the job now completes. Seeing as I have checked all boxes to ignore, how can I get around this?

You need to have a sender name.
You can look in Logs (don’t forget to go in advanced and activate email sending logs)

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