API Webhook Challenge

Hello all,

So I’m new to the API and I’ve been trying to learn as much as possible in the last couple of weeks until I got to this point.

I’m trying to get get the data whenever a product is updated in a platform that’s like Shopify. I was able to set everything up from their end and I used https://webhook.site/ to test it and it worked fine. My challenge now is how to get the webhook url from bubble. I need the url Post url that would get the data of any updated product in the store.

I tried enabling the Workflow API and backend workflows, which to my simple understanding is the webhook url, then I created a new action for New API Worflow, but I couldn’t detect the request data. The message I get in the webhook log is “Request failed with status code 401”.

Not sure how to get this fixed. I would appreciate any help here. All I need, I think, is the correct webhook url.


I assume you’ve created your API workflow and tried to initialize the webhook? (including ‘initialize’ in the URL?)…

I also assume you’re on a paid plan (you can’t use API workflows on the free plan)…

If those assumptions are correct, it’s a bit difficult to help without more information…

So feel free to share some more details (i.e. the API docs, screenshots of your workflow settings, etc.) if you want someone to be able to give some specific help.

Hi Adam,

Thanks for your response!

Yes, I tried to initialize the webhook including ‘initialize’ in the URL.

Actually I’m on the free plan… Do you think I need to upgrade to a paid plan to initialize the webhook? And does it work on the personal plan?


Yes, backend workflows aren’t available on the free plan…

And does it work on the personal plan?

Yes, all paid plans give access to backend workflows.

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