API Webhook works for detection but not when using it

Hi yall,

Recently, I have come across the issue of my backend workflow api not working properly. When I click detect data, it all works fine, even with using it in my app. However, when it comes to running it without detect data, it seems like its not catching it at all. Not in development, nor in the live version. Has anyone else run across a problem like this?


Did you remove /initialize in the webhook provider ?

I created it through the backend API workflow. I’m a little confused by what you mean by the web hook provider. If you are referring to the service I’m using, I send the webhook as a parameter in my api request

So did you change the url you are sending by removing /initialize?

This ended up working thank you so much. I knew I was missing something, I had removed the test-version in the url but forgot to remove the initialize.

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