API Workflow List of Images

I have a strange issue occurring that I can’t seem to find an explanation for.

I have in my database a data type of

RED. images with data fields A. image B. image_list C. ID

I also have in database a data type of

BLUE. image_list with data fields A. list of images B. ID

The relation is that the data field of B. image_list from data type RED. images is related to the BLUE.image_list data type. And then the BLUE. image_list data type is related to RED. image data type through the data field A. list of images.

So the image that is uploaded as a “image file” is the data field A. image in the data type RED. images.

I am using an API workflow to create a new set of images


I am creating my image list on a product upload page. It is using a list of numbers to generate the specific number of images for that product category type.

When I run through this everything up to a point is getting set up in the database correctly.

There is the one problem at this point…notice in the database that the list_of_images in the BLUE.image_list data type is empty…I can’t get the workflow to allow me to update ( ie: make changes to a thing ) by adding the list of the RED. images data type that are created from the API workflow.

Instead I am only able to select image file to use as a way of making a change to a thing.

It is forcing me to try and select other options when it should just allow me to finish the sequence as the list_of_images is a relational data field to the data type RED. images

However, if I select a list of image files I am able to finalize the sequence.

In the above picture the yellow line indicates a list of image files

Below you can see the database structure

Anybody know why this might be the case…I can’t comprehend the reasoning on my own as it just seems like it is not updating the correct data type from the API workflow ( “result of step 4”)

I have tried another way around this problem, but it presents another problem.

I tried to set up a search based on the results of step 1 after the api workflow is triggered

But it takes a long time and it doesn’t return all the results.

It should be returning a list of 8 images but it only returns a list of 5

Ok…I got something that works…

Instead of putting the make change to list_of_images on the pages workflow; because the API workflow had not yet finished and wouldn’t be able to search for all the images that belonged in the list

I put the make changes to thing onto the API workflow

This is providing me with the functionality I need for the most part. The reason I say for the most part is that the change to thing seems to be happening for each instance of a new image being created. So if I have 8 images being created through the API workflow the “make changes to thing” event occurs 8 times as well…

The reason this isn’t optimal is that my image uploader provides the user with preset categories or image types they can upload, and when the group is displayed before all images are created ( ie: the API workflow has finished ) the user will see the image choices appear in “real time”.