Saved to S3 in Recursive WF List Not Saving Image?

Help Please!!

My images are not saving, it’s creating a new database entry but the images don’t even have the URL, let alone the image.

I have a list of images coming via API and a recursive workflow to work through the list and save each image as an individual type in the DB.

The DB for image is set to type image.

Here is sending the data to the backend:

Here is how the backend recursive workflow is set up:

Here is my database after the recursive wrkflow:


How would you fix this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Looks like the image coming from the API is just a URL and not an Image data type as Bubble would interpret it…you can fix this easily by not using the Image data type as the field in the database and instead just use a text type to save only the URL…of course that will restrict some functionality a bit compared to working with a real ‘image’ type, but you could still use the URL alone as text to display an image via an image element.

An alternative, is to attempt on the API call to make the MediaURL be of type Image.

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It seems you are doing a recursive workfow, but you are kicking it off with a Scheduled API on a List. Is it necessary?

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Thanks for the response!

I was typing out a response after a few trials and errors this AM and realized my issue as I was typing lol.

I removed the recursive because I didn’t need it, sigh.

I also was sending the whole list through for ‘Image’ which was causing every database entry to contain every image URL instead of just one per.

So here is my fix:
I am now sending ‘This Image’ through instead of the entire list as pictured above.

I was able to fix that by unchecking the ‘Is a list/array’ box under the Image Key.

Thank you all for your help!

I didn’t need it…lol. I just posted the solution I found above. Thank you!

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