API workflow not found (again)

Yes, I know someone already posted the same problem on January last year, but I still am experiencing it. The problem is the same as @blueback09 post described: I can’t see the window API Workflows and every time I try to reach it through “edit API Workflows” in a “Scheduled API Workflow on a list” action node I’m redirected to the index page.

opinio | Bubble Editor (it is on private because I’m already launched it to users)


I found out I didn’t exposed workflow API in my app’s config. Thanks @mattmazzega for pointing it out.

a possible thing : Have you expose your app API in app config?


oh geez… I knew it would be something like that. Sorry for the trouble and thanks for the help! <3

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You’re welcome, got the exact same issue couple of weeks ago…:wink:

You should mark this as solved.

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