API Workflow on a List: Create a New List of Things


I am building a multi-vendor marketplace and have almost everything figured out, but am getting stuck on order processing.

Buyers need to be able to checkout once with multiple items from different vendors. Vendors then need to be able to see and manage the orders only related to their company and input a shipment tracking number associated with each shipment. Buyers then need to be able to view the entire order, but also the tracking numbers for each respective shipment.

I have a data type for the order - which includes all products the buyer is paying for. And a data type called “Shipment” which is linked to order by a unique ID.

When a buyer creates a new “Order”, how can I automatically create multiple “Shipment” data entries for each respective vendor (a group of products)? I believe I need to use API workflow on a list for this.


  1. Buyer pays for “Order” containing a list of products from multiple vendors
  2. Bubble reads the user’s Order and identifies & groups products by vendor
  3. Bubble creates a new “Shipment” containing a list of products filtered by each respective vendor
  4. Each vendor is notified of a new, pending shipment

You can schedule an API workflow (not on list but on one Thing).
-Send to the API workflow list of the Orders

  • use the plugin List Popper to process first item in the list
  • at the last step of the workflow schedule the same API workflow and send there the remaining list of List Popper (it will contain not processed Orders)
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