Working with API workflows on a list and speed?

I am building an AI subtitles tool using Bubble.

We are using Whisper to transcribe videos and return “lines” to bubble. On occasion the transcription has inaccurate words, so I need to allow the user to amend the lines before confirming the subtitle creation process.

the user flow is:

  1. User uploads video
  2. Video is sent to our backend server for transcription (via api connector)
  3. Returns transcription in linelevel format, (see below)
  4. API workflow on a list - it runs through the linelevel items and creates a new entry in a bubble table for linelevel_info.
  5. I display the linelevel_info from the bubble table in a repeating group with a text input that is bound to each line of text. This is so that it updates whenever the user makes changes.
  6. User confirms and the linelevel_info from the bubble db is sent to our backend for processing.

Here is the linelevel_info structure that comes back from Whisper after transcription:

"linelevel_info": [
            "end": 1.54,
            "line": "Stop wasting your",
            "start": 0.0
            "end": 2.62,
            "line": "time on ads when",
            "start": 1.54

The issue I’m having is speed. The transcribe API returns the linelevel data in around 10s.

It is then taking 30-60s (sometimes longer if there are more lines) to run the API workflow on a list and create each of the lines in the bubble DB. Seems very slow just to create items in a database?

I may be doing this in the wrong way so am looking for ideas to make this much faster (if there is a way). Ideally I want the lines to show in the repeating group, and be editable for the user, within 15-20s after the transcription is kicked off.

Search “Bulk Create” there’s a few guides on it here. Your app has an endpoint you send requests to with the API connector, it makes about ~1000 items in 50 seconds on the legacy Personal plan so even maybe faster now.

So if you have 10 things its like .5 seconds

@tylerboodman awesome thanks, just found it and I think the bulk create API endpoint will fix the issue for me. Do you know of any db size limits? I’ll be creating a lot of items per video so it will balloon fairly quickly.

No limits let your dream runs free :blush: Just make sure to keep to good database structure practices so you can use search constraints to quickly find the items.