API's stopped working

Hi guys, my API connections have stopped working. Getting the following message: Raw error from this service: {“message”:"{ “error”: “invalid_request” }"}

Anyone else having this problem?



Do you mean from Bubble to an API with API connector? I have one working at the moment.

Which API?

Hi @mishav it’s using the API connector. So connecting the API to Bubble.

There doesn’t seem to be many (any) other reports of it so perhaps it’s at my end (although working fine on postman). I just wondered if others were experiencing it.

Thank you.

Hi @rossliddell, have a look in the Bubble app server logs and see if its sending what you expect.

Also, some sites keep a log of requests, even invalid ones.

I’m experiencing the same issue, a very simple JSON API call is no longer working. Works fine in Advanced Rest Client using the same JSON body, and nothing changed on my end. This is pretty critical. @emmanuel ?

As usual, we need a bug report. A generic ‘it doesn’t work’ doesn’t give us enough information.

I submitted one about 10min ago when I noticed the issue. Here’s the call in both ARC and Bubble, with ARC returning a successful 200.

This is fixed, thanks for the quick turnaround… that was a bit concerning.

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