Using Bubble to create an app to live on an existing WordPress site

Hello all - I know this has been covered in a lot of different ways, but I’m still unable to find a clear answer for my specific use case.

I have:

  • a site using WordPress as the CMS, hosted with siteground
  • 5-30K monthly visitors depending on the season

I would like to:

  • create an app with Bubble that can live on my WordPress site
  • Not via iframe (all traffic driven by SEO and I want Google crawling/understanding the app as much as possible)
  • I do not want to use a subdomain for the same reasons. I would like the app to live on just a regular old page behind the root domain.

I’ve read a little bit about the REST API, but my technical knowledge is pretty limited and I still don’t know if I can do what I want to. I am willing to figure it out, but just looking for a yes/no before I invest a lot of energy in doing so.

Is it possible to create a bubble app that lives on my existing WordPress site?

Hello @jaredwilder417, welcome to Bubble.

What would be the purpose of the Bubble app?

Ideally, this should be the other way around. You host the Bubble App, then the blog is your secondary.

There is a plugin that can connect to your wordpress DB I believe already available.

@GH5T The app would essentially be a tool to help users organize a shopping list for backpacking gear. Find products that fit their budget, carrying weight, etc.

What do you mean by “other way around”? Like migrating the blog?

Nah, forgive me. Doesn’t matter how you set up your stack, as long as they all work.

IMO the best way to accomplish this is either:
a) a browser extension (can be built on bubble, but you’ll need a third-party (like plugin, service, or labor) to turn into an extension)
b) an iframe that can send and update workflows from the parent (your wordpress).
c) messy, but you can render all your blog posts via the wordpress plugin (or API), and just have your app control everything (this isn’t recommended with Bubble current SEO standard).

Some others may have other suggestions, but those 3 will require some technical “know-how” to achieve.

If you’re in need of direct guidance, tutoring, or services, just let me know.

Thank you! is the iframe the best way to go? I am picturing it as the app feels like a widget on a single page, not something that extends across multiple pages or posts. Was hoping to not have to use an iframe since it’s not ideal for SEO

Oh, then what data do you want from your wordpress app to your bubble app? If that’s the case, then you can create an isolated page for your app no problem.