Blogging site in Bubble?

Hey, has anyone created a Blogging site using Bubble? May I get some references links ?


Thanks for the reference @anon65040322, Actually I want to build a completely blogging site, just like:

I was thinking to build the app in Wordpress earlier but now I have changed my mind. Can you address me some advantages over Wordpress ?

Ive not used wordpress, but i thinks limited, Bubble lets you customise pretty much everything. Theres been very few things i cant achieve with bubble mainly because i dont know how to yet.

If you want to copy something, this blog has really nice design

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Should certainly be possible to make a blog/news site. And would be a lot easier with Bubble compared to WordPress. Especially if you want user account functionality.

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I know we can build these kind of apps easily and at very less time. I am just looking for some good examples of blogging sites which are already made by Like @anon65040322 shared some of them above.

It’s an old post. I have already gone through to this post before posting here. It’s helpful but not providing the solution of my post.

The blog link is nice, I will get help in the designing.

Nice, they have a styelguide too. I referenced this a lot to create my own design standard.

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