App connecting financial Data using Plaid

Freelance Opportunity here…Hello everyone!

Im seeking to build an app that connects financial data via

We have a plugin available but all of the reviews it showing it has rough documentation and seems to be out of date to some degree.

  1. Can someone still help me build this?
  2. Id like to make this a bare bones project where you can connect the API into Bubble for authenticating the data.
  3. Please add any work youve done previously.


Hi Anthony -

Saw this and wanted to reach out. I am the developer behind the OTHER Plaid plugin - the paid one - that is up to date, fully featured, and has up to date docs.

I also do freelance work. I can generally get a Plaid integration going in a couple hours for a $300 initial project fee - I’ll throw in the plugin for free if you want to do that. If you want me to do more than that in your app, we can talk about hourly rates (usually $80/hr) or fixed price projects.

You can see more of my work at



Wonderful! Yes, Id love to work with you especially since its your plugin. Huge help I would think.

Lets connect to discuss ASAP. Whats the best way to reach you?

Thank you.

Hi Brian, Id like to get back on the calendar with you this week if possible?

Thanks - Tony