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Plaid - A simple way to connect and verify bank accounts


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  • Connect to bank accounts :money_mouth:
    Enable users to connect their bank accounts with your application within seconds

  • Streamlined interface :blush:
    A simple and easy connection flow enabled by the configurable Plaid Link experience

  • Get transactions, balances and more :grinning:
    Access various financial data to gain more insight into your users’ behavior and trends

  • Integrate with Stripe.js :grin:
    Take advantage of the Stripe + Plaid integration to collect bank accounts for Stripe.js

Visit the Official Page to learn about new and upcoming features.

Use Cases

  • Verify users via bank account details

  • Process transactions for analytics and reporting

  • Create verified bank accounts for Stripe sellers


Here are some useful resources to help with installation and usage.

Plaid Documentation
A complete and thorough breakdown of the Plaid architecture, services and libraries.

Platform Payments
An in-depth course on setting up payments including marketplaces with Plaid integration.

The Bubble Forums are a great resource to see other Bubblers’ implementations and questions!


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:red_circle: To report potential bugs, file a bug report with a description and reproduction steps.

Disclaimer: Copilot does not own the Plaid Link library. Review Plaid’s docs and terms before using.


Thank you very much ! Such a great addition to the plugin eco system !

Looks like a great plugin.

Quick question:
The plugin code shows there are variables such as properties.plaid_public_key,properties.environment, properties.webhook etc. However, these do not show up in fields section of the editor. Am I missing something or is this plugin source code not valid for being audited? That is concerning since the plugin deals with payment related stuff.

Update: Above assessment is incorrect. The fields are exposed in a different section.

Hi @guarav,

Those fields are exposed exclusively in Workflows > Element Actions when the Plaid element is present. :slight_smile:

Ah I see. My bad for not noticing that. Thank you! :smiley:

Version 1.0.1

A tiny plugin update that comes with support for Data calls.



  • Requests now accessible through ‘Get data from an external API’ module
    ↳ Get bank account details
    ↳ Get transactions
    ↳ Get balance


Documentation for this update and more is available on the official Plaid API Documentation.

:hammer: Refer to Plaid’s documentation and policies to learn more about available configurations.

Thanks so much for the plugin @copilot!

I’m having a problem getting it up though. As soon as the box loads to select a bank, it immediately closes. Any ideas?

The Identity product is not supported in the Sandbox – uncheck that box, and you will be on your way!


Version 1.2

A necessary plugin update that migrates sensitive fields to the Plugins tab.

-Shared parameters for Client ID and Secret Key

-Public Key must be set in the Plugins tab
-Client ID must be set in the Plugins tab**
-Secret Key must be set in the Plugins tab**

**excludes the ‘Get balance’ requests due to development limitations

-Public Key from ‘Get bank account’ and ‘Update bank account’

Documentation for this update and more is available on the official Plaid API Documentation.

:hammer: These changes were made in favor of user security at the cost of some developer friendliness.

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Hey I don’t see American Express as an available institution when I run the Plaid Link accounts.
Any ideas?

Hey @yaakovweldler,

Interesting…it should be there:

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Ken Truesdale

I download the quickstart app from Plaid and it works there, but when I run it in bubble it’s not…

Hey @yaakovweldler,

Have you considered reaching to Plaid directly to get their take on this? That may be a good bet. :slight_smile:

Have you tried these settings? The list of institutions changes depending on product.


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That was it! Thanks Ken

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I’m not sure who is using the Get Balance call in repeating groups but for me the values picklist is showing up blank. All of the other options (Get Bank Account Details etc) populate options int he picklist. Any ideas?

@copilot @mebeingken

Is it possible to get the institution name (ie Chase) under Get bank account details. And, also the optional meta data that Plaid has on the institutions? I want to create a account settings area where a user can delete the bank and/or transactions.

Also, I’ve been able to get the Historical Update and Initial Update in the sandbox. Do they send Default Updates in the sandbox? YES

Edit: It’s been a few days and the Default Update came through in the sandbox.

@copilot any chance this plugin gets a update ? or even a paid version ?

Plaid api changed and seems your plugin dont work anymore, any solution ?

Hi @silvajosemeluria,

We have plenty of active integrations that use the Plaid plugin. Reach out to us at [email protected] with more information so we can take a look. :slight_smile:

I actually reached out to you guys about what @silvajosemeluria is asking a few months back but never heard back from anyone.

I wasn’t sure if the plugin worked or not, but noticed that Plaid had update their API and the plugin was still asking for outdated information. It might still work, but it was a bit confusing and It was just a preliminary test case I was toying with so I left it at that. Would be good to get some clarification now that’s it been brought up again :slight_smile: