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Ok, so is there any way to use Bubble’s App Connector plugin but when a user signs up on one app, it creates the account and saves the data on the other app? Ex: company has multiple web services on 2 different apps but same account data for each.

Very possible!

Our company recently finished setting up our Bubble app as an SSO; this allows us to log a user into one application, and then that account can authenticate them on of our apps.

It’s a relatively straightforward process though there were small things to ensure scalable use.

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If not I will do my best to explain via the forum :slight_smile:

New Horizon Code.

If you don’t mind, could you explain it here? I’d really appreciate it, and do appreciate your response.

No problem,

Let me try.

Step One:
Install the Bubble App Connector and input the Bubble application you wish to connect with. We recommend checking yes to Match versions (Live vs Dev.).

Depending on your application plan and the data you will need, you will need to enter the private key or the Client ID and Client Secret. If you are unsure, add all three in the meantime.

To find your Private Key, Client ID and Client secret you will need to head to your application settings - API.

You will need a private key to get data, excluding signing a user in.

To sign a user into your app via the other application, you need Client ID and Client Secret.

Step Two:
Attempting a connection, once you have entered the information, try an app metadata attempt.

Once connected, you can set up your SSO for your other Bubble application.

Step Three:
Setting up the workflows, this is the last step, and it’s relatively simple, add a clickable object to the page like a button, for example, and click start or edit workflow. From here, you want to look for an Account - Signup/Login with a social network. Click that, and your app will appear. It will start with Bubble App - (App name)

That all!

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Ok, thanks!! I’ll try it out!

Since you said Client ID and Client secret, I’m guessing I use the bottom section, right?

Correct :slight_smile:

And a few more questions, sorry!

  • Am I to put my login/signup page as the “Login page for SSO/OAuth redirects?”
  • Am I also to put my login/signup page link in the “Redirect_uri” input?

You would have a button saying sign in with your app, much like Google or Twitter.

The redirct URL will be the URL they will be sent to so they can sign into your SSO.

Sorry for the delayed response. I appreciate it, and will try it out! Again, thank you.

This is what I’m met with when it redirects me after triggering the “Login/Signup with a social network.”

Your redirect URL is wrong. Please book a training session below for further asstiance.

Still unsure? Book your free 30 minute Bubble coaching session today

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