App data Tabel (Database)

Hello, I am creating a form in a one-page app.

As you can see from the screenshot, I will have many groups (Working environment, HR…) on the same page. Each group will contain several questions which belong to a different topic. Each topic has its questions on a repeating group.

My problem is, in the database, how can I group the repeating groups of the same group on the same page or file. For example, I want to see all the answer for the working environment group on the same database page.

Thank you


Options set for type of working environment
WE Type
Display (BCM, Access control, Fire protection, emergency exits, rental agreement, etc)

Working environment
Title (text)
Type (WE type)
Questions (list of questions)

Title (text)
Type (WE type)
Answer1 - Examination (text)
Answer2 - Evidence (text)
Answer3 - Remarks (text)
Answer4 - Measures (text)
Answer5 - Responsibilities

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