How can I structure my data base

Please I need help structuring my database. I want to create sessions, each of them would contain quizzes, polls and products. How do I structure the database such that all of these (quizzes, polls and products) would appear in a repeating group according to the order in which I create them. Currently, I made a session type, a poll type and a quiz type and product type. But my repeating group can only show one type of thing at a time. How do I make them all appear according to how I create them in my repeating group?

How about an activity table

Created date
Type (poll, quiz, etc)
Poll (type poll, only populated on polls)
Quiz (type quiz, only populated on quizzes)

Make your repeating group over the activity table, and use conditions based on the type to show/link out to correct item


Thank you for your response. But I don’t clearly get what you mean. Do you mean I should create another table of type activity. And it should have fields of date, field type (polls, quiz and product)?

Also, my database is currently set up such that my session has a field for each type i.e. field quiz, field poll and field product. So each of them is linked to the session under which they were created.

Please what do you suggest I add to these so that they can appear in one repeating group?

Why don’t you tell us a bit more about what you’re really looking to achieve with the user experience?

So the idea is to create a Web app just like that allows an admin to create a session consisting of several activities such as quizzes, polls and products. Once he has created them, he publishes it so that new users can attempt those activities.

So while creating the various activities, I have a repeating group showing each activity as I create them. Except that it is only showing one kind of thing I.e. quizzes while excluding the other activities.

Currently, the repeating group has a content type of quiz and source of current page session’s list of session questions.

Then yes, the activity table is the way to go I think.

I’d say focus first on making all your activity types work as standalone activities.

The strong likelihood is that sessions like this will be prepared well in advance, so an itinerary/activity table with a session, activity order etc, and then the quiz or whatever activity linked in the record, so that in the repeating group, you can use conditions to direct people to the right kind of page (quiz etc)

Alright, I’ll give it a shot and let you know how it goes. Thanks a bunch.