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App data won't display realtime

I am building a realtime bidding application, two people bid simultaneously on different pages, the data used to sync between the pages in real time just in the click of button.

But now when the users enters a value and click on update it is not updating real time in the different page where another user is waiting to get an updated value. He has to refresh the page then he gets the new value.🥲

I think that bubble application has become slow internally because I have changed nothing in my app and this is happening with me from last few days

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Hey siddharth!

Weird, I haven’t yet come across this strange issue you seem to be facing. Whenever I update a value in my App, if someone else is looking, there’s appears to change in real-time the second, if not a moment after I change it. Could you clip this, or create a quick gif showing both screens with the value so we can try to work out what part isn’t working. Any workflows you can show would be awesome too,


Thanks I will post the video here, :+1:

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Just checking if you sorted this or not? :slight_smile: