Data not updating on Frontend

Dear Bubble Community,

While working on our application we have run into an issue where data from an API request that is stored in the database is not presented to the user, without reloading the webpage. Please advise.

API won’t show real-time data unless you add that functionality. You currently have it set to where it reads from the database once. On page load.

You’ll need a separate function to update that api if changed.

Thank you :grin:, unfortunetly our current approach has been working flawlesslsy until last Saturday (25/06/22).
Our current approach has been set up such that the users action triggers an API call (mostly POST calls), the API then responds into a backend workflow via a webhook with us saving the response in our database and finally displaying it to the user (using a repeating group).

Check into the latest updates. I’m pretty sure responsive went out of beta today and there was some other things released as well.


I have the same problem :

When my user has finished its cart, we generate a stripe session id to go to the correct session payout. Oddly, the data is updating in the database but bubble doesn’t seems to “see it” in the front end. Plus, only one of the field is not working, the other seems fine, which is so weird.

The other strange thing is that it works in the “Production” version but not in the “Development” version even thought they are the same version…

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