Realtime Data Updates NOT WORKING (Again)

Our app is, once again, not getting realtime updates on the frontend based on database changes in the backend. Specifically, items created on the backend are not showing up in the frontend.

This only occurs in our live version, not the test version.

This also seems to take a moment to start happening. When the page is first loaded, everything seems ok, but then, after interacting with it for a few minutes, the issues start to become clear.

I made this video for Bubble support that show what’s happening in our app: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

Anyone else seeing this?

I have been experiencing this on my development version all day yesterday.

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Me too, including the propagation of the Thing names. What I see in the editor, is if I rename a Thing, and then look into the Privacy rules for that type, the Thing name in the privacy rules is the old one, and some minutes after it changes in the Privacy rules tab to the new name

This is an unrelated behavior. I’m referring to the real-time update of dynamic data in the front end of the live version of my app, not the editor. For example, data displayed in a repeating group.

Also, it is normal for it to take 3-5 minutes for thing name changes to propagate throughout your editor and privacy rules.