App drains battery even when idle

Hi, I’m building a social media app.

It’s an SPA and I have a whole lot of elements. With that being said, my app consistently drains my phone’s battery 1% every 2 minutes. I have the OnePlus 10 Pro, so not exactly a slouch but also not optimized like an iPhone.

Is there any easy way to detect wtf is going on? Any plugins or browser tools?

I can kind of understand the app draining if I’m constantly moving between pages and requesting new data, but even just idling, it’s draining pretty much the same.

It drained 13% over 30 minutes which doesn’t sound as bad, however, my phone is very warm, and the likes of other social media apps simply don’t do this.

For reference, social media app uses pagination to show 10 post at a time instead of loading infinite post. I have a videojs player in the app so I’ll test that out but I heavily doubt this guy is the sole culprit!

You can try with chrome dev tools using Android USB debugging mode to see what’s happening.
There are many tutorials online to set it up (eg. How to Debug Website on Mobile Chrome | BrowserStack)