App eating all CPU and memory!

I can’t figure it out.

If you load and enter “A1” on the popup, the app is eating CPU until memory overflow and crash - any JS guru here ? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Of course, no workflows are running,…

And the Bubble debugger is clear of any errors.

it works all right when blocking all the tracking scripts of the page :man_shrugging:

Have you managed to target the specific one?

added A1 in the popup and got the info displayed in the page. It looks like some quick workflow got executed to fetch the data.

Yeah, but no workflows are running either in debug mode or in the debugger…I am clueless.

It’s either the debugger itself (I load the page without it) or something happening with the tracking scripts (I am blocking all of them)

Do you notice any slowness / ressources being eaten up in incognito mode?

it looks like any standard bubble app. You can try the preview in safe mode and without external scripts to see if that’s the cause. Also check the browser dev tools for errors.

Just to check: if you click on any social media link at the bottom, do you have a good performance?

This workflow is a single action opening an external website.

It takes more than 10 seconds to redirect.

PS: Safe mode works well, but JavaScript console is also clear.

Clicked a social icon and got this after like 10 seconds

It happens here even without having clicked.

Disabled all tracking scripts, same :confused:

Even all the animations like hovering a button is rlly slow…

clicking the social icons does not work, and the browser memory jumps from 30MB to 150MB. This is using bubble’s safe mode. You may want to submit a bug report.


Just wondering if you have any table elements in the page?


I have a similar issue: “Out of Memory”
Even after deleting all browser data and testing several other browsers: Chrome: Opera, Firefox, Brave, Edge…

I have 64gb of DDR5 RAM and a 13th gen i9

On my end, the issue I raised only appears when the Current user is logged out of the application.

Here it appears constantly, every 2 minutes. It’s been like this for 15 days

I have 64 gigs of DDR5 RAM… High performance SSD and the latest generation Intel Core i9 13th generation processor

This happens only with Bubble, in more than 5 browsers

Uploading: 2023-08-14_11h14_01.png…

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