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How to develop an app like Instagram

Can you share with me details regarding what are the things I should keep in mind before developing a photosharing app like Instagram and what is the preferred technology stack?

I have come across an article that can also help in finding How to create an app like Instagram and know how much it cost?

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In general for a solo developer, this task is almost impossible. To build an Instagram-like app, you have to be experienced in front end and back end tools. Besides, the app requires an outstanding design to attract users. That’s why you should also have a special kind of taste and proficiency in tools design tools. However, software development companies can build an app much faster. They already have a full team that will split the responsibilities.
In details about developing an app like Instagram you can read here -

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Here please find the below-mentioned things to consider while developing an Instagram-like mobile app. For Starter, the development of the mobile app a lot of planning and preparation work. The process of building a photo-sharing app like Instagram include,

• Conduct market research to define your target audience and its preferences
• Evaluate competitive photo-sharing apps
• Finalize your unique and outstanding app concept
• Define your further strategy in terms of your goals with the project, budget, timeline, and technologies
• Select a capable offshore mobile app development company to design, develop, test, and launch your social photo-sharing app.