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App offline: Your browser was unable to load the application data

Anyone else currently getting this app unavailable message? It’s on my primary app. Others I tested seem to be ok so assuming it’s a cluster issue. Status page hasn’t listed any issues yet.

Yep mine just went down as well!

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Same here. Our has been down for almost 10 minutes now.

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So much for an updated status page. This seems to be the longest outage I’ve seen so far.

I’m out also for last 15 minutes

Also out.

I’m back up

Same here. Hope you guys weren’t too disrupted. We’ve gotten hammered by our clients for the past 20 minutes, but it is what it is. Good to be back up.

Just curious how you handle such situations. Do you tell them it’s beyond your control, or do you tell them you’re working to resolve it?

Hey folks, sorry about that! This was related to Mixpanel, so only affected a segment of our applications, and didn’t auto-register on our Status page. We’ve pushed a fix, so you should be seeing this downtime resolve, but do reach out to us at [email protected] if you’re still seeing downtime!

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Thanks for the update @Eve.

@shot Luckily we’re still in beta phase so impact numbers aren’t too crazy.
I’ve been in enterprise software for 15 years. No matter what platform or stack you’re on things like this will happen. I’ve even been hit by massive outages from Amazon’s AWS that took us down for 20-30 mins. Totally out of our control.
You just have to do your best to manage the relationship with the customers during times like these. If you’re upfront and honest, show that you’re empathetic to their inconvenience, and do your best to address what you can they are usually very understandable.

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Not quite as lucky to be in Beta on our side - we currently average just over 2,000 page visits a day so we tend to find out about situations like these as they happen from our clients and their clients. Definitely agree with what you’re saying though about the support side and messaging.

We explain that there’s an issue at the platform/hosting level that we’ve flagged with our provider and offer any workarounds we can. Generally, people are fairly understanding, but our clients use our platform to sell and stream live events to their clients. When we go down, we’re effectively locking the front door to their business, so there’s understandably some frustration on their part when we go down and they have to issue bulk refunds to their clients for cancelled events.

Like you say though, that comes with the territory when you work in software. We’re currently evaluating multiple options for moving our app away from Bubble now that we’ve started to scale, but even if/once we do it will be with the full understanding that outages will absolutely still happen.

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