App organization

I’m experiencing trouble with my current app:
Users create Leagues,
Users create teams in a league
User create bets in a league.

I can click to leagues, I can create teams and bets in a league, I can get to team_details & bet_details & view details, but cannot for the life of me link from bet_details or team_details back to the League (up two levels) passing league data.

Each team and bet has a league associated with it.

Newb, Thanks!!!

If you’re wondering how to pass data between pages then check out this post

That didn’t shed much light… I feel I’m missing some key concept.

On my League page (Content Type League) I have a list of bets. I link to bet_details from the bet name & the bet_detail page has Bet as the content type. If I want to link back to the league I get errors about the League page type being League & I’m sending Bet info.

What I’m really scratching my head over is on the bet_detail page I can display the League the bet belongs to just fine as I make that a Bet field. I just can’t use it in a link to the league as the data to send back.

Maybe this will shed a light on what I’m doing/seeing/understanding incorrectly.

I think I’ve got this figured out… I wasnt’ using one to many relationships in my db fields. rookie