Need Assistance Planning My App

Hello bubble users! I am posting here to potentially receive help planning out my app. I have several needs for my application and can provide specifics upon request. I have little to no experience developing apps and with coding. The main features I need to have are multi-level team accounts with access to only their own team, as well as scheduling, data reporting, and hiring processes. This is going to be a fully internal system I will be implementing for my business. If there are any tips on how to start planning out my app or the first steps to take please let me know!

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I’d say the first step is to plan the database structure. It helps to think of it like a spreadsheet, decide on the main ‘datatype’ and then the sub-fields.


  • Team Name
  • Team Members


  • Team [Team]
  • Name
  • Role

Keep it VERY simple to start with because you can add to it later, just get the basic structure working. That will be a good start I think.

Note: In the above example I have Members Team [Team] which means you can access the data held in the Team datatype when referring to a member, so you could, for example, show member's Team's Team Name . Assume the member is called Josh and his team is called Startlight, you could then say “Josh is a member of Startlight”.

Thank you so much for your reply! This is extremely helpful.

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