App performing very slowly

My app hosts videos for our users, as as we load more and more videos into the database, the app slows down tremendously in performance. Are there any ways to navigate this so that the app scales well? Must we upgrade to another plan to get good performance? Even with testing out the boosts, the performance is still quite slow.

How many videos do you currently have, and where are you storing them? (in your Bubble storage? AWS? Or elsewhere?). Are they transcoded or just stored in their original format?

And what/how much data are you storing about them in your database?

I currently have about 500 videos. The videos mainly point to youtube/vimeo videos, so I don’t actually load the videos in bubble, just the information that allows them to be pulled from youtube & vimeo.

In that case the reason for any performance slowdown could be down to how you’re accessing the data for the video on your page.

So, how are you currently finding/accessing your video/videos on your pages?

Are you doing a search? If so what are the constraints, and are you using any filters after the search?

Or are you using lists stored on another datatype? If so how many entries are on the lists?

Or is the video tied to the current page’s datatype?

Performance issues are often due to retrieving data in an inefficient way, or loading more data than is necessary on your page, so knowing how your current database is set up and how you’re accessing the data might offer some insights.

Actually, I think I figured it out - I was loading all the content in a full list, when I needed to use the ext vertical scrolling.

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