Vimeo Videos Running Slowly

Hi Bubblers. This is my first post. I am building a mainly video based app. I have videos on vimeo, and I am using the bubble video plugin to put them on the individual pages of my app. I cannot get them to play. They load with the thumbnail perfectly and quickly, but when I try to play them, the circle bar just spins. If anyone would like to help me diagnose my problem, I am happy to provide more details about my app. Also, I’ve checked this thread out concerning transcoding, but my understanding is that this is done automatically by Vimeo. Could it be that I have too many videos (about 50 lasting 3-4 minutes each filmed in 4k) on a hobby plan? I plan to get a production plan closer to launch, but didn’t see the need while developing the app to purchase the plan. Thanks.

Vimeo videos are streamed directly from Vimeo, so if there’s a problem playing them it shouldn’t have anything to do with your Bubble plan.

It’s rare for Vimeo to have problems but it could be a problem on their side.

Or perhaps there’s an issue with the player you’re using.

Are your videos playing ok in Vimeo?

And what video player are you using in your bubble app?

Perhaps a link to your preview would also help so we can see exactly what’s happening.

Hi Adam. Thanks for the help!

Videos are playing fine on my vimeo account page. I am using the video element provided by bubble; is that what you mean by what player?

Is there anyway I could provide a link to you directly?

Thank you.

Yes, that’s what I meant by player… so you’re using the standard Bubble video element, so everything should work fine.

Juist post a link here to the dev site (preview), of a page where a video should play, or send it in a private message if you’d prefer, so I can see if what’s happening.

Thanks, Adam. I’ll send you a private message. I’m only doing so to maintain privacy for my app; however, when I get this fixed, I’ll post the generic solution to this thread for the benefit of others.

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FIXED - cookies were off. Thanks for the help Adam!

Glad you got it working :slight_smile:

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