App rendering with greyed-out screen - no interaction possible?

Hello all.
I am really not sure what is going on.

In Preview mode, with Step-by-Step I can run my application perfectly.
When running without Step-by-Step or the live version, as soon as I login, I get a sort of grey layer showing on top of my App which does not allow me to interact with the App.

It has been doing this for over a week now. I thought it was blocked by Norton, but I am not sure now.


If I remove the URL parameter ?debug_mode=true the App behaves correctly.

Wait a minute… I re-ran with ?debug_mode=true and I get the grey “layer” on top of my App.

As I am testing, I found out it has this behaviour only when I am on my index page (home page).
If I load another page in the editor, then preview it, I do not get the grey “layer” on top of my App.

After searching for this gray overlay issue for over a week, I was able to speak with bubble support.
Bubble explained to me that there was an issue with gray overlay when using popups - the explanation is that in some cases the Popup status was as per Bubble’s response here:

*We did have a bug involving popups with this behavior where the popup itself wouldn’t show, but the popup’s grey background would show which could interfere with interaction on the page (not able to close popup/click out of grey background blur). This has now been resolved so it’s possible that it was related to this. *

The other possibility is that the popup was in a “bad state” where deleting the popups and then undoing the deletion/recreating the popups put them back into a “good state”.

How I fixed the problem: remove the popup and recreate it. Problem solved.


I am having a similar issue and cannot figure it out. My floating sidebar is not affected, but the main group has that gray overlying layer that won’t go away if I delete the affected group and undo the deletion.

I see you fixed the problem by deleting the pop-up. Would this mean I need to delete all 5 of my groups that are in this one page and redo them?

I’ve included a screenshot below of one of the five groups that are affected by the gray layer.

Thank you so much!

The only way I was able to resolve this is to delete the popup and recreate a new one.

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What I was told is that sometimes, a popup could stay in a state of SHOW POPUP.
So, there seems to be no way to HIDE that popup since it would be stuck in that state.
Perhaps you could try to modify your page (or pages) temporarily and try to add actions in the On page Load workflow to SHOW, then HIDE the said popups.


Thank you, I will definetly try this :+1: appreciate your reply :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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