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App rollback bug (help request/warning)

This is both a warning & hoping someone has input. :pray:

We have a decent size production app with active users built in bubble, we pushed a sizable update from development to live and ended up needing to roll back to a manual save point created moments prior to the dev → live update using version control history.

Upon doing the rollback 80% of our database including stripe connect payout data, manually charged stripe payment intervals, CRM prospect data activity/notes/messages/etc, statuses, plans, proposals, affiliate data, templates, drip campaigns, user email schedules, and more returned with all completely empty databases.

As a whole only 9 out of 33 of our data points returned with data the other 24 data types returned with empty databases and has completely made our live production app unusable.

As a desperate attempt to get things up again we attempted to restore the data via “copy and restore database” / live / to a time the day prior to our update when all the data was there and unfortunately had no success.

Has anyone experienced this? Any tips one what to do? This seems like unexpected behavior and a bug.

I’m sure bubble will be able to recover the data and we did submit a bug report however hoping someone has advice here.

Again as a warning I would recommend anyone rolling back versions to be cautious at this time.

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No help - but fudge…I’m feeling for you!!

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I am experiencing something very similar. There was a mysterious data loss somewhere around 11/8 and neither rolling back the database nor the app overall brought back the lost data.

I have no words of wisdom for you but engineering is looking into my situation and I’ll share any insights they give me. Very stressful situation, indeed. I would love to hear anything you learn about yours.